Let Laguna Koi Ponds service and maintain your pond.

We offer a bi-weekly pond service where we come out and maintain your pond. Our service department can also fix, replace and install, pumps, filters, UV lights and other equipment. Is your pond really dirty? We also provide complete pond clean-outs and restorations.

Equipment Installs

Our Service Team has a lot of experience installing pond filter systems. Most of our team members have been with us for 10 to 20 years. They are dedicated, honest and strive for good workmanship. Rely on us to properly install the correct pumps, pond filters and ultraviolet clarifiers on your new or existing ponds.

Koi Health Consultation

Please feel free to call us with your koi health questions or concerns. Koi fish health can definitely be a mystery. We are here to help you. We are “Koi Kichi” and with over 60,000 gallons of ponds and thousands of koi fish in stock, we have learned some very valuable lessons over time. We don’t give up easily either. It brings us a lot of satisfaction to help you become a successful koi keeper.

Design Consultation

Are you planning or building a new pond? Set up a meeting with us for details on proper pond shapes that are self-cleaning; proper placement of bottom drains, skimmers and jets (Rough Plumbing); proper filter system types and location along with aeration systems. Do it right the first time! We can help you!


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