Superbugs BFR-1A

Superbugs BFR-1A

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Beneficial bacteria in a liquid suspension. Superbugs RTU (Ready To Use) degrades decaying organic matter, improves water clarity and quality, reduces odors and increases the beneficial bacteria population. Enviro-Reps’ specially tested and formulated Superbugs products exceed by many times the low-yield formulas sold by our competitors.

Areas of application

Ornamental ponds, water gardens, fish tanks, race ways, holding tanks, and closed aquatic systems with less than 10  – 15% water exchange per day.

Purpose of using product

  • Boost effectiveness of biofilter
  • Degrade decaying organic matter, including excess fish food, leaves, fecal matter, sludge.
  • Avoid use of chemicals
  • Improve water clarity
  • Reduce foul smells
  • Improve water quality
  • Increase beneficial microbial population


  • Results in clean healthy water
  • Important step in water quality management
  • Reduced organics
  • Reduced backflushing of filters

Seeding dosage
This is the first dosage and will provide a significant boost to the system.  Double the maintenance dose determined below.  Many water systems will not need treatment during the cold winter months.  Anticipate doing a seeding dosage once a year in early spring.

Maintenance dosage
3 to 5 oz. per 1000 gallons per week during months when the water temperature is above 50o F (10o C).  Microorganisms are not significantly active when temperatures are under 50o F.

  • 3 oz. per 1000 gallons for systems in good shape (low stocking density of fish, adequate filtration, low ammonia, and good aeration/circulation)
  • 5 oz. per 1000 gallons for systems in need of significant organic reduction and systems with high stocking densities.
  • 4 oz. per 1000 gallons per week is the average dosage rate.  Most systems will do fine with this amount.