Geyser MaxFlow

Geyser MaxFlow

Geyser MaxFlow

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The GeyserMax Flow submersible pump is the newest addition to the Matala submersible pump line.

It features the following design highlights:

– Composite Resin Intake Base. Featuring full circumference suction ports. Allows for 3/8″ solids to pass.

– Impeller is designed for higher flow rates and lower electrical cost compared to standard Geyser Flow.

– Flow Rates between 3900 gph -6200 gph

– Horsepower 1/4hp; 1/3hp; 1/2hp; 3/4hp

– Head pressure up to 41 feet for GMF 6200.

– Outlet diameter 1.5″ for GMF 3900; 2″ for GMF 4700, 5400, 6200.

– Vertical free standing pump may be used in a wide variety of applications.

– 19 foot cord.

– Corrosion resistant.

– Continuous Duty.

– 2 year warranty

Matala GeyserMax Data

ModelHPMax Flow (GPH)5′10′15′20′25′30′35′Max head (ft)Max Amp.Outlet size (in)/(mm)Add to Cart
GM-32001/53200242311932915.7′2.51.5 / 50Add to Cart
GM-39001/5390033602270115025022.5′2.51.5 / 50Add to Cart
GM-47001/34700447040603120220085027.5′3.22 / 50Add to Cart
GM-54001/254005150445037403000204086532.8′5.02 / 50Add to Cart
GM-620016200602058655360464038002670162041.0′6.72 / 50Add to Cart