Bio Reactor 10000 Filter

Bio Reactor 10000 Filter

Bio Reactor 10000 Filter

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This 3 chamber filter provides complete koi pond filtration in one unit.

The first chamber captures solids in the settling tank. The water moves cross flow through the settling tank and then through a baffle system of coarse Black Matala media. Very few solids pass through this mechanical filter stage. The V bottom is sloped for easy flush out of solid waste.

The second chamber acts as a mechanical / biological stage. Further small particles are removed and the bacteria whichs grows here will be primarily heterotrophic type. This means the bacteria will be digesting mostly dissolved organic matter derived from the solid waste in Chamber 1. This is an upflow chamber which allows for further settling of solids, thus preventing the medium coarse Green and Blue Matala from clogging. A 2 inch layer of open cell foam on top captures fine floc particles. and helps polish the water. The V bottom is sloped for easy flushing of waste particles and the organic floc which has been produced by the bacteria.

Chamber 3 is also an upflow chamber and acts as a pure biological filter. The water passes through the fine filtration of Blue Matala and Gray Matala. Another 2 inch layer of open cell foam is provided for fine polishing and floc capture. Since no appreciable solids reach this chamber, the bactteria growing here will be mostly autotrophic types. Thes types of bacteria function to digest the dissolve inorganic waste produced by the bacteria in chamber 2. This chamber rarely gets dirty and will become an extremely efficient biofiter.

Each chamber has a bottom drain valve for flushing waste. For in the ground, gravity fed installations, all chambers are drained to chamber #1 where an Eliminator 9 sludge pump (not included) can pump solid waste to the sewer.

This combination of all 3 chambers will provide you with complete koi pond filtration. Each chamber functions in a synergistic manner complementing each other as a true bio reactor. Your pond water quality will reach a level of stability where koi health is supported even under heavy populations and heavy feeding, as it should be. This type of filtration is not feasible or attainable in a pressurized type filter system.

Outside Dimensions:: 43″ H x 44″ D X 81″ L

The system is complete and includes:

  • Heavy duty fiberglass construction 3 chamber tank.
  • 24 cubic feet of Matala media.
  • Drain valves, all inlet and outlet fittings.
  • Lid.
  • Each tank is custom built to your pond specifics regarding pipe size and locations. 4″ pipe, 3″ pipe, 2″ pipe and 1.5″ pipe sizes all available per order.
  • The system can be built as a gravity fed system or a pump fed system.