Pond AmQuel Plus

Pond AmQuel Plus

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Protect your pond’s fish and aquatic life from the dangerous toxins created by fish waste. Pond water conditioner instantly detoxifies ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, chlorine, and chloramines in your water without harming the beneficial bacteria that are working to keep your pond clean. Safe and easy to use without raising your water feature’s pH levels. The 16 ounce bottle treats 2,400 gallons, while the economical 1 gallon size conditions 19,200 gallons.

  • Pond detoxifier instantly removes harmful ammonia and nitrogen compounds
  • Neutralizer will not interfere with your pond’s beneficial bacteria
  • Great water conditioner for ponds filled with lots of active fish

AmQuel Pond Plus quickly detoxifies the lethal chlorine and chloramines commonly found in tap water. A must have conditioner for starting up your new water feature, as well as for use during continued pond maintenance.

Also great for removing commonly found medication dyes that can color your pond water after treating your pond for diseases. Non-toxic to humans, pets, and aquatic life.