Koi Care & Food


Treating koi and pond fish diseases can be challenging. Pond fish can become sick with parasites, bacterial infections and viral infections. Each pathogen requires specific medications and diagnosing can be difficult.

We are koi health experts. We can help you treat your pond fish correctly. We offer medications that we know will work for specific diseases. Proper diagnosis and early treatment are key to success. Call us for advice at the first sign of poor koi health. Please read through our list of koi health articles in the Related Articles button below.


Proper nutrition is vital for the long-term health of your aquatic pets. Koi can live a long time and have specific dietary needs. They should be fed a fresh high quality koi pellet and given fresh leafy green vegetables along with citrus fruit, tomatoes, watermelon, cooked oatmeal, fresh shrimp or freeze dried krill. Some of our best brands of koi pellets are Dianichi, Hikari, AquaMaster and Nijikawa. Only buy enough food to use in less than 3 months to keep it fresh.